Very often, the best lawyer is the one you feel most comfortable with.

Attorney Thomas Marola has been practicing family and criminal law in the Greater Milwaukee area for four decades. He grew up in the city. He will tell you he went to school with some of the judges he appears before. After all these years, he knows what works for them, and what falls short. That understanding, coupled with his long experience in the law, has yielded positive outcomes for thousands of clients over the years.

Some attorneys you see on billboards and TV — you don't even know where they are. Thomas Marola is right here, serving families in Milwaukee and Waukesha counties. Many clients are referred to him by satisfied clients, friends, family members and congregations.

Divorce And Family Law

Criminal Defense

Dividing marital property

Obtaining rightful custody

Establishing fatherhood

DUI and traffic offenses

Sexual offenses

Drug crimes

Put Experience On Your Side

Thomas Marola knows you will survive your divorce and you will go on, with his help, to live a happy life. He knows criminal charges can be dealt with, and they don't have to wreck your future. Charges can be dismissed, or reduced. Punishment can be deferred, or lowered to the minimum.

The law is all about knowledge. With Thomas Marola's lifetime in Wisconsin law on your side, you are equipped to go forward confidently.

Call Thomas Marola in West Allis at 414-395-5654 — or connect with him by email.