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Don't Let Your Life Be Ruined By A Drug Conviction

It is not news that our prisons are largely populated by drug offenders who have harmed no one, but got caught up in a government sweep to put unpopular offenders behind bars. These people are not heavy hitters. They are mostly decent young people who made a mistake and are paying for it with their futures.

What did they lack? An experienced criminal defense attorney with the skills to avoid the harsh punishment of our war against drugs.

Forty Years Protecting Your Rights

Attorney Tom Marola has been defending people in trouble for four decades, against every kind of state drug charge for every controlled substance, from marijuana and cocaine to heroin, meth, illegal prescription pills and synthetic drugs like bath salts. He defends clients accused of:

  • Possession
  • Manufacturing
  • Selling
  • Distribution
  • Trafficking

Tom Marola is skilled at working on different drug crime defenses: illegal search and seizure, false identification, unwitting possession, planted evidence, and entrapment. He knows how to challenge evidence against you, call into question the legality of the search and cast doubt on the case laid out by the prosecutor.

Because there has been some relaxing of drug laws in Wisconsin — possessing small amounts of marijuana is now a petty misdemeanor — many young people get the idea they can't get into serious trouble. That is untrue. If you are arrested and charged, don't talk to police — have Milwaukee defense lawyer Tom Marola do your talking for you.

Don't give up on yourself. Defense attorney Tom Marola won't, either. Email him, or call The Law Offices of Thomas Marola in West Allis at 414-327-5800.

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