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Sex Crime Conviction Follows You Everywhere

Conviction on sex crime charges affects you on every level. It humiliates you in your neighborhood. It places you on a sex offender list for life. It makes everything difficult — your career, your friendships and your family relationships. And it punishes you directly, with time in prison.

Sometimes people feel so ashamed of being accused they just give up. They fail to defend themselves. Defense lawyer Tom Marola strongly cautions against this approach.

Defending Your Freedom And Your Reputation

Our law firm defends against every kind of sex charge:

There are successful sex crime defenses, and Tom Marola has enjoyed good success deploying these defenses. Very often a sex offense charge is simply one person's word against yours. Or evidence is found, but it is open-ended. A picture on your computer means nothing, for instance, if other people have access to your computer, or if you have been victimized by a spyware program or hacker.

You do not have to prove your innocence. You merely have to show the case against you leaves room for reasonable doubt. Tom Marola knows the law, he knows the relevant legal precedents, and he knows how to pick apart the prosecution's case.

Charges can be dismissed. Serious charges can be knocked down to more acceptable ones. Let Milwaukee defense attorney Tom Marola work to prevent your registration as an offender.

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