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Warning: Don’t Accept The Plea Agreement Now

An arrest and subsequent criminal charges creates fear and uncertainty. During that time, you need to make important, life-changing decisions. The police will claim that they have your best interests in mind in offering you a plea bargain. In reality, they want to wrap up the case with as little work as possible.

A Plea Bargain Is No Bargain

Signing a plea agreement means that you admit guilt to the crime. Any rights to remain silent or have your case tried in court are no longer an option. With a charged offense, you will have a criminal record will follow you wherever you go. Background checks that are normally part of securing a job or finding a place to live will present challenges, if not obstacles.

When police say, "If you don't have anything to hide," they are not interested in your rights. They will tell you that an attorney is not necessary. They will want you to sign the plea agreement so you can move on with your life. Before putting pen to paper, you need to seek legal representation. An experienced attorney can navigate you through a highly complex system.

The Benefits Of Skilled Legal Counsel

A criminal defense lawyer can review the police reports and identify possible defenses to the felony or misdemeanor charges you are facing. An attorney will also conduct a thorough investigation to ensure that the police officers acted properly and did not violate your rights.

Facing the serious consequences that come with a conviction is no time to be "penny wise and pound (or dollar) foolish." An skilled and knowledgeable legal advocate can help explore all options and fight to secure the best possible result.

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