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Divorce can be easier if you have a good parenting plan

You may think there is nothing easy about divorce, but if you fail to come up with a proper parenting plan, you will find out just how chaotic and stressful the family breakup can be. The plan you and the other parent develop will be unique, and both of you must give it sufficient thought.

There is no question that your children will be tremendously affected by the divorce. Your job is to help them get through it and see that they adjust. A good parenting plan is essential in achieving these goals.

Children benefit from a routine

One of your first to-do items is to establish a routine. Children thrive when they have a schedule to depend on; it becomes an emotional safety net. A set routine also makes life easier for Mom and Dad. After the family unit changes, there will be two homes, but you should set up only one schedule to be followed in each; for example, same time to do homework, have dinner, play outdoors, go to bed. As parents, you should agree on behavioral guidelines to follow in both homes. 

How your children could miss out

Without a good parenting plan, your children may lose touch with other family members, like grandparents. They may miss out on time they might have spent with friends. There could be confusion about who should take them to dental or medical appointments, or mix-ups about attendance at school events or other extracurricular activities.

Include the essential elements

Your parenting plan should outline responsibilities for each parent; for example, who stays home with a sick child or who drives the children to soccer practice or piano lessons. Define how decisions are to be made and by whom, and work out a system to use in sharing information, whether it be by phone, by email or in person.

Seek legal help if you need it

Do not be shy about seeking help. Even when you think you are doing your best with the children, perplexing issues are bound to arise -- things you simply do not know how to handle. If your co-parenting plan goes off track, an attorney experienced with family law can help set it to rights.

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