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Custody Lawyer In Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Divorce is a difficult and trying time. You likely experience large amounts of stress throughout the process, but almost nothing is as stressful as deciding the fate of your kids. The Law Offices of Thomas Marola in Milwaukee, WI, offers child custody lawyer services to help you navigate the difficult time of divorce.

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We provide custody lawyer services so that you understand exactly what happens throughout the legal process. We want you to be as comfortable and informed as possible as we walk you through the legal hurdles to determine custody of your children.

Our services are designed to ease your mind and to come to an agreement between you, your ex and any other attorneys. We have your and your children’s best interest in mind and want to come to a quick and satisfactory decision so that everyone involved has security and stability again.

We understand that custody decisions are complex and often include additional challenging elements. We have experience working with elements such as the following:

  • Sexual or physical abuse of any household member
  • Domestic violence, including intimidation
  • Alcohol or drug addiction
  • Mental illness issues

Our custody lawyers are ready to walk you through whatever complications and elements are involved in your particular child custody case. We utilize our experience to help you arrive at a satisfying and comforting solution to the question of child custody.

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We have been practicing criminal and family law for over four decades. Our experience guides us as we work tirelessly to resolve your concerns and come to an agreement that meets the needs of all involved.

Our lead attorney, Thomas Marola, grew up in Milwaukee, WI, and understands the community. He uses his life experience and legal experience to help you achieve the child custody agreement that you need.

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