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Child Support Attorney In Waukesha, Wisconsin

Legal parents, whether they are married or not, are required to provide financial support to their children. Though Wisconsin provides strict guidelines for setting the level of support to be provided, an experienced child support lawyer can give you an edge in determining the final amount.

What State Child Support Guidelines Look For

  • The monthly income of each parent
  • Allowable deductions from income
  • The cost of child care
  • The cost of health insurance for the children

Whether you are going through a divorce or have never been married, The Law Offices of Thomas Marola in West Allis can help you with your child support dispute. Attorney Tom Marola has been representing fathers and mothers with child support and child custody cases for more than 40 years. This depth of experience and his understanding of the process allow him to obtain settlements with a minimum of emotion and anxiety.

When cases do go to court, Mr. Marola shows leadership in resolving child support issues in a way that is sensible and even amicable. The bottom line is his assumption that both sides care deeply about the child and want to be part of an agreement that is fair.

We Want You To Pay Or Receive The RIGHT Amount

We recommend you avoid the online calculators that supply support levels for your situation. They are simplistic and not always reliable. Correct calculations require more information and a persuasive presentation.

Let Tom Marola use his experience and knowledge of child support in the Milwaukee area to propose support levels that are an accurate representation of your finances and a fair number for a good life for your child. He also assists with enforcement of child support orders.

Contact family law attorney Tom Marola at his West Allis offices at 414-327-5800 for your FREE consultation today. You can also reach him online.