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Divorce Attorney In Greenfield, Wisconsin

While uncontested divorces are typically easy as they are often just a matter of filling out some papers, other divorces can be quite complex. In fact, most couples have several issues that they are unable to settle amicably in a divorce, including:

Whether you are involved in a hotly contested divorce or simply need help filling out your paperwork for an uncontested divorce, attorney Tom Marola is here to provide you with the legal representation you deserve. He brings over 40 years of experience and a thoughtful approach to splitting up.

Four Situations Where You Really Need A Good Divorce Lawyer

  1. When your spouse hired a good lawyer. You will need to respond to protect your interests.
  2. When there was abuse in the marriage. A knowledgeable lawyer will keep a lid on this history from coloring the proceedings.
  3. When your ex is angry. A lawyer experienced in these confrontations can keep them from boiling over.
  4. When lots of assets are at stake. Houses, cars, businesses – the more complex your marital assets, the more you need a smart lawyer.

A Positive Approach To A Miserable Truth

Family law disputes can be difficult. In many cases, people feel deflated when their marriage comes to an end. While a contested divorce is sad, it also releases people from a contract that was no longer working and frees them up to start new lives. Attorney Tom Marola of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, focuses on the positive things life can now offer you.

We also get involved in seeking modifications to divorce decrees and other court orders, and in obtaining enforcement when child support agreements and other court orders are not being obeyed.

If you are open to a positive approach to making a fresh start, contact The Law Offices of Thomas Marola in West Allis at 414-327-5800. You can also reach him online.