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Fathers Have Rights, But They Must Be Asserted

Your children deserve to have you in their lives. Historically, courts have favored mothers over fathers, but recent trends recognize the important effects of having two involved parents.

At The Law Offices of Thomas Marola, we believe parents should have the opportunity to share equally in parenting rights and responsibilities. More importantly, we believe your children deserve to have both of you in their lives.

We are fathers’ rights advocates who will fight to protect you and your relationship with your children. Whether you are securing a relationship with your child as an unwed father, preparing for a divorce or seeking to modify an existing custody arrangement, we can help.

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Representing Fathers In Child Custody And Support Proceedings

When you are separating from your child’s mother, a strong fathers’ rights advocate can help to ensure your rights and interests are protected. We will help you legally solidify your relationship with your child, so your child has the full support of two parents.

All too often, fathers wait until they’ve had an unfavorable ruling in their case to come speak with an attorney who will advocate for their rights. Don’t delay. After child support and child custody orders become official, it is difficult to make changes. To protect yourself and your child, come to our Milwaukee offices today.

Skilled Representation For Modification And Enforcement Proceedings

As fathers’ rights advocates, we serve fathers who want to spend more time with their children. We represent fathers in modification proceedings to increase the amount of time they have with their children and defend against proposed modifications that would reduce this time. We help fathers enforce existing agreements by making sure mothers comply with the terms of child custody arrangements, supporting visitation time.

If you are not happy with your existing child support or child custody arrangements, and there has been a substantial change in your life circumstances or those of your child’s other parent, you may be eligible to modify your original child support, child custody and parenting time arrangements.

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