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Myths About Divorce, And Why They Are Wrong

An important part of representing our clients going through divorce is overcoming common misconceptions about the process. Those myths include:

No Need For A Lawyer

Foregoing legal representation ignores the complexity of marital dissolution. You should not be making important, life-changing decisions without understanding your obligations and what you are entitled to. The stakes are too high to handle legal matters on your own. A skilled and experienced divorce attorney is not only worth the money you outlay but can also provide you much-needed peace of mind.

Sharing Lawyers With Your Spouse

The only time to have the same attorney is appropriate or effective if both soon-to-be exes are on the same page in dividing assets and determining custody and support. That situation is a rarity at best. It is best for both spouses to have separate legal counsel looking out for their respective best interests.

Moving Forward With Verbal, Not Written Marital Settlement Agreements

Many times, one spouse does not see the need to put parenting pacts in writing, especially when it comes to their children. That approach creates a “he said/she said” dynamic and ignores the inevitable life changes that will occur over time. Specific information needs to be on paper and signed by both parents. That includes where the children stay during the school year and summer vacations.

A 50/50 Custody Split Eliminates The Need For Child Support

Just because both spouses have an equal number of days with children does not mean that monetary support is unnecessary. Child support is actually determined by the gross income of each parent. More importantly, the money is for children. If one makes less money than the other, the spouse with more money may have an obligation to pay support.

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