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Paternity – ‘Who Needs It?’

The Child’s Father Needs It

If you want to participate at all in your child’s life, you need to take the simple step of declaring your fatherhood. Without it, you have no claim on the child you brought into the world. You will be left out in the cold without any custody rights.

The Child’s Mother Needs It

Unless paternity is legally established, the mother is on her own. The mother needs the help and support of the father. Two parents bear the responsibility of a child better than one lone, exhausted parent.

The Child Needs It Most Of All

Think of the advantages that come into a child’s life when he or she has a legal father.

  • The child benefits from the father’s financial support. Otherwise your child is probably quite poor.
  • The child will have the benefit of knowing your health and genetic history.
  • The child has the right to inherit from the father.
  • The child benefits from life insurance, Social Security and veterans benefits.

Most of all, the child benefits from knowing the father, and knowing the father loves him or her enough to say so legally.

Establishing paternity is not complicated. Parents may file and sign a declaration of paternity with the court. This can be done at birth or later. Another option is to obtain a court order, which may or may not include a DNA test.

Attorney Tom Marola has helped many couples in the Milwaukee area take this big step forward. It is ultimately a rewarding experience for all sides. He can help you make fatherhood official, too.

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