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Think Of Property Division In Divorce As An Opportunity

Wisconsin was wise when it adopted equitable distribution in the division of marital assets in divorce. It’s a better approach than community property states follow, strictly dividing every asset right down the middle. The greater flexibility of equitable distribution allows divorcing couples to be more creative, swapping assets and obligations so each side has a chance to get the assets that are most desirable.

Attorney Tom Marola of West Allis has been representing clients in this kind of thoughtful property division for more than 40 years. His approach is to work with clients to understand exactly what they need most in the division and to make those goals his top priority. He understands some possessions are more important to you than others. Intelligent property division takes these psychological nuances into account.

Property division should be seen as one element in the divorce. Thomas Marola works with clients to combine property division with other matters, such as child support and spousal support.

Mindful Of Your Attachment To Items Of Great Value

Division involves more than the house, the cars and the checking account. All marital property, including both assets and debts, must be identified and valued. We include everything acquired or commingled during the marriage and set aside items acquired prior to marriage. Retirement accounts, employee benefits, real estate and family businesses must all be fairly divided.

It is not a process you want a beginner to help you with. Lawyer Tom Marola’s years of experience in the Milwaukee area, and his mindfulness of the importance of your valuable possessions, are your best protection as you prepare for a new life.

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